I’m sure no one with an internet connection (or, you know, any access AT ALL to the outside world) needs me to point this out to them, but a large part of the world’s gone sale crazy this week, as Black Friday approaches.

Now, I have to confess, I’m not much of a fan of sales – or not of visiting them in person, anyway. As much as I love shopping (and saving!), there are few things I enjoy less than battling the crowds, standing in line for the fitting rooms, and then queuing up again to pay – all in order to end up with something I probably didn’t really need, but just ended up buying because it was on sale, and it seemed like too good a bargain to miss.

Enter the Shopbop sale. No queues, no crowds, just 25% off some of your favourite brands: oh, and some of the fastest shipping I’ve ever experienced – even although Shopbop ships from the US, my orders normally arrive faster than the ones I place with UK retailers, and they’re trackable every step of the way, too.

Here are the details you’ll need:

Shopbop sale

And here’s what I’d buy:

Marc jacobs watch

Mark Jacobs Dotty Extensions Watch

A new watch is the last thing I need, but this one is just so pretty, with that cute little swallow design on the face, that I’m pretty sure I could make some room for it if I really HAD to…

See by Chloe Paige bag

See by Chloe Large Paige Bag

I could say the same thing about handbags, obviously, but the fact is, I’ve been looking for one in exactly this colour. No, really, I have!

Schutz CAdy lee Sandals

Schutz Cady Lee Sandals

Finally, I keep on telling myself I’m going to buy a pair of classic, one-strap sandals in a neutral colour – and then I end up forgetting that idea in favour of some other, more “exciting” purchase. I actually think these sandals ARE pretty exciting, though (at least, they are to me), and a little bit of money off doesn’t hurt, does it?

I could go on, but I suspect I probably had you at the word “sale”, didn’t I? Happy shopping!

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