Boden spot jersey pyjamas

Jersey pyjamas

jersey dressing gown

jersey dressing gown

jersey sleep set

jersey sleep set

Boden spot print pyjamas

woven pull-on

velvet bow slipper

velvet bow slipper

I should never have looked at the Boden nightwear section.

The things is, nightwear is kind of my thing right now. Having finally reached a stage with my closet where I feel like there’s nothing else I really need (I mean, there are plenty of things I really WANT, obviously: I’m just finding it hard to justify them, is all…), I’m now turning my attention to all of the things I’ve been neglecting in favour of compulsive clothes and shoe shopping. Homewear, nightwear, makeup – the list goes on. I’ve always been the kind of person who has her salary spent before it even hits her bank account: and, to be completely honest, I’m still the same now: it’s just that now the money’s going on things other than clothes.

(Well, and ALSO clothes, really: I mean, all of those basics don’t come cheap, do they?)

Which brings me back to Boden and its nightwear section. I knew Boden HAD a nightwear section, obviously: I’ve just never really ventured into it, because I’ve always been distracted by the dresses and shoes. I had a look at it a couple of weeks ago, though, and OH MY DAYS. I want pretty much EVERYTHING. I’m almost drooling here at the thought of having an entire drawer Or, OK, cabinet) full of silky dressing gowns, cute PJS, and you know what? I’d even buy the slippers. And I don’t think I’ve ever actually bought a pair of slippers in my life, true story.

Speaking of slippers, it’s also worth noting here that they make great Christmas gifts, so even if you don’t really fancy buying any of these for yourself, they could just be the answer to your Christmas shopping prayers: especially for those of you who have a certain redheaded ShoeperWoman to buy for…

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  1. Sophie Stewart

    Gorgeous nightwear, I really love the bow slippers. Sophie

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