TFI Friday, folks. Here are some things to buy to celebrate the end of another week!

Closet London green fit and flare dress

Closet London dark green 3/4 sleeve dress

I’ve been really loving Closet London’s work this year. I already have the pencil version of this dress, but I think I like this flared version even more – and it gets bonus points for the 3/4 length sleeves, which mean I wouldn’t have to wear a cardigan with it, either!

ochre double-breasted swing coat

Dorothy Perkins ochre double-breasted swing coat

I’ve gradually been phasing out most of my brightly coloured coats in favour of more neutral colours, which go with everything I own: this bright yellow double-breasted swing coat, however, could tempt me back to the fold – love the colour and the shape of this!

On the subject of colourful coats, though…

pink bow coat

Ted Baker pink oversized bow coat

Yup, it’s another pink one. I DID try to resist, because I’m well aware that I’ve gone a bit overboard on the pink coats lately, but can I help it if they keep popping up on all of the sites I visit? I mean, it’s not like I go looking for them, after all: the pink coat life chose ME, people.

Finally, a dress that’s just gone and broken my poor heart:

green knit dress

Next green knit dress

As soon as I laid eyes on this dress, I knew I was going to have to buy it. Although it claimed to still be in stock in my size, though, when I tried to add it to my basket, it came up as ‘sold out’ – sob! I absolutely love the look of it, though, and although I’d love it even more with full or 3/4 length sleeves – these would leave my arms cold enough to require a cardigan over the top, unfortunately – I can always find room in my closet for a cute little knit dress. If only it would come back into stock!

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