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Welcome to the internet footwear community Myairshoes.com. Our mission is to bring our visitors release dates and news about their favorite shoes. Information about Air Jordans Sneakers, Nike Air Force Ones, Reebok Shoes, Adidas Shoes, Converse Sneakers, and more can be found here.

Shoes & Sneakers

Here at Myairshoes.com, you will find a variety of pictures, info, updates, release dates, prices, places to buy, history, reviews, ratings, and much more having to do with all things sneakers and shoes. Below we will try to answer some of your concerns and questions relating to sneakers and shoes from as many brands as we can get our hands-on. While reading please be sure to keep in mind that while we feature and talk about A LOT of sneaker brands, our goal is not to promote or show favoritism to any sneaker company. Sure we have our favorites, but we will not accept and like every Nike Jordan product because it comes from that brand. If we do not like something, or wouldn’t wear the product if it were a free gift from the company, we are going to voice that.

Some Important Logics

When you walk into a shoe store or visit blogs like this, do you like every product that you see? Do you feel you have to go spend your hard-earned money to go out and get each pair of kicks you read about? Of course not. Well maybe some of you do because you have that kind of money, but the vast majority probably does not. Not solely because they do not have a sneaker budget every month to buy everything they see, but simply because they do not like everything they see. For that very same reason, we here at Myairshoes.com are going to voice that opinion if that is how we feel. It is nothing against the footwear company who made the product, or the designer who customized a certain pair of shoes; it is simply human nature.

Special Words for my Readers

If you are a sneaker company that is up and coming or a designer who is looking to get your custom shoes out to the general sneakerhead community, please contact us using the Contact Us link in the right sidebar of this page. We would love to get pics from you emailed to us with a new product that you or your company is planning to release. You might even be a custom sneaker designer, and you want to tell your product; all you have to do is email us the details about your product with a few photos and we should be able to get in on our site within 72 hours. We cannot promise that we will promote or market it in a way that will encourage our readers to go out and buy the kicks, but at least a small percentage of the sneaker world will know all about your product.


We are also open to writing reviews of your product free of charge if you are willing to ship the shoes to our address, and allow us to test them for a few days. Again you must keep in mind that we try to be as honest and upfront with our sneakerhead community here at Myairshoes.com.

Have a Look

With all of the above information clearly stated, let’s spend some time talking about some of the sneaker products that you can easily find here at Myairshoes.com. Take a look at some of the shoe brands that you will find most of our viewers here at Myairshoes.com are highly interested in, or maybe they are not so interested in.