How to Wash Sock Darts: Easy steps and techniques

How to Wash Sock Darts

Everyone hesitates before buying a new pair of shoes for themselves and starts questioning themselves. if they will be able to keep up with getting them cleaned now and then. Because of the fear of ruining them by cleaning themselves increases. That is only because only one accidental step can lead to a disaster and the shoes can get stained for a whole lifetime. Despite what other questions you ask yourself, it is possible to keep your sock darts clean as new just like the day you bought them. Here you will find the best ways for how to Wash Sock Darts.

How to Wash Sock Darts?

The following articles will help you learn ways to clean your Nike sock darts properly. Whether they are for men or women, you will not have a hard time cleaning them. They are really easy to clean and get the stains off. Also, you do not have to worry about buying fancy cleaning tools for your shoes. Because most of the supplies will be just lying in your house and that will be it!

In many cases, you will not know how dirty your shoes are if they are dark-colored. Shoes get the dirtiest because they absorb a lot of dirt especially when you are walking or running in an area covered with dirt and mud like forests or if you are on a hike. 

So this might raise the question: can you clean your Nike sock dart fits now and then? The answer is yes, you can clean your sock darts every week or even after 2-3 days. If you use the proper washing techniques then there is no chance that you can ruin them by washing them frequently.

So let’s start by exploring some ways to help you how to Wash Sock Darts. And keep your sock darts squeaky clean. With the following hacks and tricks, you can get rid of all of the dirty stains and grubs.

1) By using the hand washing technique:

This technique is a little time taking but always guarantees a safe wash and is preferred. You will be needing the following things to ensure a deep clean for your shoes:

Step #1 Remove all of the dirt

Sock Darts are considered to be very delicate which is why you have to clean them very delicately or else they could get damaged easily. While cleaning you will have to keep in mind that you have to keep your hand gentle while cleaning your sock darts because they are different from other sneakers or running shoes. 

Start by using a toothbrush with soft bristles attached to it and gently start brushing away the dirt that may appear on the surfaces of the shoes.

Now, remember you do not want to brush harshly over the shoes or that may damage the whole outlook.

Step #2 Form soapywater

Now once all of the excess dirt is removed from your sock darts you will have to add a very small amount of laundry detergent to a tub full of lukewarm water and mix until a soapy and bubbly solution is formed. 

Step #3 Use the water to clean your sock darts

Now you will take the soft cloth and dip it into the soapy solution you just created. Squeeze the cloth once to get the excess water out so it does not fill the shoes with water. 

Use the cloth and start making circular motions on your sock darts gently to take off all the stains. 

You would want to work in a manner to avoid spreading the dirt and stains across the shoes. 

Step #4 Use a bleach pen for stubborn stains

If your shoes have stains of grass or ground mud and they do not come off with the cloth then take a bleach pen and scrub gently over the stain to get the stain off and make it look brand new.

Step #5 Rinse and dry

After you are done with the above-mentioned steps, wait for a few minutes before starting to rinse your sock darts.

Then start by rinsing your sock darts without submerging them or placing them under running water because that will ruin the interiors of your shoes and will also affect their shape and will deform them. 

The right way is by using a clean damp cloth or a microfibre towel and starting by gently rubbing it over your sock darts to pull out all of the detergent and stains. 

Step #6 Air dry your sock darts

The last step is to finally fill them with paper towels so that your shoes do not lose their shape and retain it. Place them in a warm dry place and allow them to dry for at least 24 hours before you want to wear them again.

2) By using the washing machine:

If you are in a hurry and want to clean your shoes in the shortest time possible then this method is for you. You will have to be careful before every step but this works best for saving time:

You need the following supplies to clean them efficiently:

  • Washing machine
  • Mild detergent
  • water

All you have to do is follow the steps below

Step #1 Put your shoes in the washing machine

Always make sure that your washing machine is clean before placing your shoes into it by using water and rinsing it. After that place your shoes into it and fill your washing machine with 1/3rd of water and add in the mild washing detergent

Step #2 Set your washing machine settings

Always set your machine settings to a gentle wash program so your shoes are safe from harsh washing and retain their shape. For better results, it is always preferred to use cold water instead of hot water

Step #3 Rinse them

Once all of the dirt and stains are out of your shoes, take your shoes out of the washing machine and use a damp cloth to take out any detergent left in the shoes.

Step #4 Air dry your shoes

Place your shoes in a warm dry place and let them air dry without using any fan or hairdryer. Let them sit for 24 hours before you can use them again.

Things you should keep in mind for how to Wash Sock Darts:

Now that you have learned two tested ways of cleaning your shoes you can now have clean sock darts without even damaging them!

However, there are a few things that you should keep in mind while cleaning them to assure no damage.

Step #1 Always cover your shoes

It is always appropriate to keep your shoes in a dust-free area and keep them covered. The best way to avoid getting them covered in dust is by keeping them in their original shoe box after using them.

Step #2 Use a sneaker protector

There are many micro dust particles that may not be visible to your eyes but they start appearing once all of your shoes are covered with them so to keep your shoes protected from them it is always best to use a sneaker protector. This is a liquid that you can use to protect your shoes from any possible stains, dirt, and liquids.

Step #3 Do not rub or scrub your sock darts

It is always best if you do not scrub or rub your shoes because that can destroy the fabric lining outside. 

You always have to be gentle with the movements on your shoes while cleaning. Always apply pressure slowly and then gradually.

Start by cleaning the shoe fabric and then move onto the harder surfaces like the soles of your sock darts.

Step #4 Clean insoles separately

While cleaning it is always best to remove the insoles before and wash them separately because they are in direct contact with your feet so they absorb the most dirt and sweat hence they need to be washed properly.


To sum the whole article up, these were the best tips and tricks for how to Wash Sock Darts as new. If you use them properly and handle them with care, your shoes can last you for several years and who does not want that!

With regular maintenance, you can keep your sock darts in optimal condition. Henceforth, you can keep your sock darts clean without ruining or damaging them.

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