5 Best Jordan Shoes for Wide Feet-Reviews

Jordan Shoes for Wide Feet

The best suitable Jordan shoes have been available in the industry for many years. And these shoes are quite famous as well in the marketplace. Finding the best pair of Jordan shoes might be difficult for you because you may have a very picky choice and there is very little quantity of these shoes available Jordan Shoes for Wide Feet.

But the fact is if you have a little bulky and wide feet it will be very hard for you to grab something good for your problem. But you don’t need to worry. because there are some exclusive pairs of shoes. Those are really very comfortable. 

Jordan Nike Men’s Air 13 Retro Lakers is the best pair of shoes for wide feet. The shoe is a little wide from its toe box size, and heel in every size, making it very comfortable for wide feet dudes. Whether they are adults or kids, an interesting fact is it fits in every kind of foot.

Here are some exclusive Products of Jordan which may fit in your mind by seeing it.

1- Jordan Men’s Fitness Shoes ( Great Looking shoes)

Best Pick

Jordan Men’s fitness shoes are especially best for those players who need responsive and supportive shoes for their games. This shoe contains a Herringbone traction pattern with cushioned steps, which are extremely responsive for the games, supportive throughout all the games, and attractive style look.

 Jordan Men’s Fitness Shoes


Jordan Men’s Fitness shoes will lock your feet in lightweight air, upper and midfoot strap will be breathable, being a supportive shoe ready to tackle your feet from any hurdle you face due to wide feet. Made up of phylon. Also made up of flex grooves. The main reason is to sustain explosive and multi-directional moments.


  • Best in comfort
  • Provides you the best grip
  • Having a great Durability
  • Marked as best in performance 
  • It supports the knee and the bottom feet.
  • Fits in feet with an upper midsole lightweight


  • These shoes don’t have the snugs
  • There will be constant rubbing around your heel while wearing them

Features and Reviews

The Jordan shoes have some strict improvements over the size of 32 and 33. supposed to be the best solid models on their own. These shoes have checked every box when it comes to performance, cushion, and the support to your knee and heel part without losing any trait.

This shoe is the one which is definitely very pricy in the market, but if you are the one not compromising on the quality, these shoes will do a great job on and off the court.

By performing some high workouts, your knees will thank you for this. These shoes look really good outside, you can find them in several colors with some cool styles as well and have rope protection and a flatter bottom insole.

2- Nike Unisex-Child Air Jordan 6 Retro Bg White/Mango/Green 384665-114

Staff Pick

The Air Jordan 6 Retro BG shoes are designed by Tinker Hatfield made up of 100% pure leather. Having a rubber sole inside is extremely comfortable while walking, running, and throughout the games session. The heel of this shoe is lower too so the shoe will not hit the tendon ache. These Jordan 6 Retro shoes also have a clean toe box and an inner sleeve that makes them perfectly fit in your feet.

Nike Unisex-Child Air Jordan


Air Jordan 6 Retro comes with a great fitting in your feet that is too easy for the user to remove and wear if they are running out of time. 

This shoe also makes sure many things like the fitting are not too loose or gripped. It also comes with a great system of lacing which helps you in prevention slippage for no mishaps in the future.


  • This shoe is not so pricy to buy as it comes at an affordable price.
  • There is no compromise on quality for these shoes, in quality, no one can beat these shoes. 
  • It looks attractive to wear on the field.
  • These shoes come with great quality and last for a long period.
  • It fits your feet according to expectations


  • They are very hard to clean which is the only thing hard for it

Features and Reviews

The Air Jordan Shoes which are also known under the Nike brand is famous for their quality and classy style. Moreover, if your feet are wide, it may take some time to choose the perfect shoes for them. But things came out to be better. It is because of its entry into the market. Jordan shoes come up with designed shoes of every size for everyone to fit in your wide feet as well. 

These contain pure leather, which provides you the best durability that will last long in trend. The rubber sole inside allows you to walk, run and do sports too without even stressing out your feet.

These shoes provide you comfort all day, with the sheet of inner lining which keeps your feet warm during winter.

3- Nike Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23 Men’s Basketball Shoes

Budget Pick

If you are looking for the best sneakers which will be comfortable for basketball or even other sports games as well, which provides your feet a good warmth then these shoes are a perfect option for this. These sneakers are especially for men made up of some cozy and soft material that helps your feet in absorbing heat. It is made up of a high cut-up design that supports your ankle to play well. These shoes also support your joints for better movement. Moreover, these shoes have an inner rubber sole that supports your feet in uneven places to avoid slipping.

Nike Jordan Flyknit Elevation 23 Men's Basketball Shoes


These shoes are made up of fabric for basketball, fabric in it provides a weaving sense of air and breathability. The laces in it are also made up of fabric that keeps your knowledge tight and ensures your safety and fitness. 

On the other hand, its sole is perfectly made non-skid for the rough games throughout your all training time. With a heel made elevated and high that provides a good arch.


  • Proves to be a good option for basketball players.
  • Most probably suitable for wide and big feet.
  • These sneakers tend to be more comfortable than the others.
  • It comes up with a more attractive design which increases the grace of shoes.
  • It appears to be more attractive in different colors.
  • The client service of these shoes is really helpful.


  • Some people find it troublesome to knot the laces.

Features and Reviews

Its sole is durably made up of fabric and a rubber sole. It’s basically more recommended for the people who play basketball but can also be used for other activities as well. It can use casually too. Its sole is made up of rubber which makes it non-skid on uneven places to avoid slipping. A different spectrum of colors spoiling your choice is available in these shoes. 

Its washing process is also very interesting. Washing these shoes with bright colors will make them stained. 

It is available in many colors including black, gray, blue, white, and red. They can also fit in outdoor activities like social events.

Therefore, these shoes provide you with the best commendable durability for a long time.

4-Jordan Men’s Shoes Nike Jumpman Team 1

Air Jordan is perfectly fit for wide feet. These shoes are wide from their toe and heel size is perfect for every person in every size, which makes it more comfortable for the dudes who have wide feet. It is for everyone, no matter if the person is an adult or a kid. The interesting thing about these shoes is their design which exists in every size for everyone.

4-Jordan Men's Shoes Nike Jumpman Team 1


The pure leather of these shoes is proof of foot comfort. It also comes with its original design in every size. To make it more durable, the shoe bottom has come with some design that provides complete traction. Its design is perfect for uneven surfaces. because the sole of this shoe contains rubber which keeps you safe from falling or from accidents.


  • These shoes are enough for large feet.
  • It’s durable as its sole is made up of leather.
  • Its bottom provides you the best attractive look by its rough texture.
  • It’s very comfortable to wear all day without any problem.


  • It’s available in minimum colors.

Features and Reviews

Air Jordan 13 Lakers Shoes come with an attractive blend style and design, and stability to use them for years. Its design ensures you with the best attractive looks for the basketball game. These shoes are made up of strong material players who don’t use wear and tear.

It also ensures you the guaranteed long-lasting time with no repair guarantee. It also supports your foot to balance on uneven surfaces or plan surfaces to improve your performance.

These shoes also help you to prevent your foot pain. It is the best choice for you to use it on a daily basis. It appears to be attractive by its traction. These shoes have high cushioned stuff insoles which makes them more comfortable to wear all day. It can bear all stress on your feet because of its strong material.

5- Air Jordan 13 Retro Jordan Shoes For Wide Feet

Air Jordan is one of the famous shoe pairs which fits best for basketball and many other fields. Air Jordan 13 are also known as Chris Paul shoes which were discovered in New Orleans. It was the most exclusive pair of shoes in the market when it was introduced in 2015. In 2015 there were very few people who were aware of these pairs of shoes because at that time no one knew the quality and the worth of these shoes. And On the other hand, nowadays it’s quite famous among us.

Jordan Men's 13


These shoes show the durability and the pure leather on the sole of their shoes. All in one, these shoes are breathable and easy to carry all along the day.


  • It has multiple sizes, especially it is available in 14 sizes which match perfectly in wide feet.
  • It has durability, flexibility due to its rubber sole.
  • Many legendary players trust these shoes on the field, as it has in its name.


  • The bad thing about its color is that it is only available in one color combination,

Features and Reviews

You get things better when you get to know the versatile nature of the product from different angles. These shoes are not only for the fieldwork on the ground but these shoes also give you better footwork for a casual walk. After the trial, he gave the guarantee for the quality of these shoes. Its lightweight of 4lbps makes it more interesting and comfy for a walk and for jogging as well.

The colors available in these shoes are black and sunstones, olive blue, and black which gives them a trendy look outside.

Best Buyer’s Guide For Jordan Shoes for Wide Feet

If you are picking Jordan shoes for you and you have wide feet, you should keep in mind a few things. You don’t need to buy the size of the shoes according to your foot, as both size and width are equally important in buying a shoe. 

What are some important factors before buying Jordan Shoes?

Before picking up the best shoe for your feet, you will love to go with the durability, comfy, and flexibility of the shoes. 

  • Check the grip of your shoes
  • Check the material before you buy them because there are many materials out there insoles and outsole shoes which makes some people a little irritated.
  • Get those shoes that will be easy to clean insole and outsole

Frequently Asked Questions

What Jordan looks Good on wide feet?

Air Jordan 7 Retro Shoes are Great looking sneakers, made up of leather and rubber soles that provide you with the best durability and flexibility all day. These shoes are specially designed for dudes with wide feet.

Air Jordan 13 Retro CP PE is perfectly designed with perfect durability soles inside and outside. These shoes present you the perfect style with durable leather in them which makes them comfy for the wide feet.

Jordan’s Nike Men’s Air Retro shoes are also known as best for their notch leather. The heel part of these shows is wide, comfy, and lightweight.

Jordan’s Men’s MAX Aura shoes are sunning with size 13 which is very good for wide feet. People with normal size feet actually need to buy the small size for their feet for a perfect fit.

Can Wide Feet wear Jordan 1?

The Jordan shoes 1 are very old ones and these shoes are very similar to the VANS shoes. The size of these shoes does not come with a wide size but these shoes are quite true for their size. After two to three years these shoes get flexible to fit in wide feet as well.

Are Air Jordan 6s good for Wide?

The Air Jordan 6 shoes proved to be the most uncomfortable retros in Jordan’s stock, Jordan shoes are always found to be the firm underfoot shoes, and the biggest twist in this is that they are wide foot-friendly shoes.  They are truly fit sizing-wise according to your size and they look perfectly designed and best from the outside.

Are Nike Air Force Ones good for wide feet?

If you are looking for shoes for wide feet, you can perfectly find a pair of Nike Air force shoes for wide feet. As the AF1 shoes are designed to have a lot of space in the toe box, so for the recommendation you should use these shoes of your true size.


By reading all the important aspects and elements of shoes, you can find the perfect pair of shoes of your size and choice. A little knowledge that you carry will be enough to find your taste. It’s also important for you to choose the shoes according to your sports experience in the field.

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